Best space heater for large room 2023

Are you looking for the best space heater for your large room in 2023? You’re in luck!

This comprehensive buying guide will help you find the perfect heater to keep you warm and cozy. With so many different space heaters on the market, choosing one can be difficult. We’ll help you narrow down your options to get the best space heater for your needs.

Best space heater for large room 2023

  1. Dreo Space Heaters (Editor’s Pick)
  2. GiveBest Space Heater (Best Overall)
  3. PELONIS Space Heater(Budget Friendly)
  4. Lasko Space Heater 
  5. PELONIS PHTPU1501 Space Heater 
  6. Dr Infrared Heater Space Heater
  7. Voweek Space Heater

1) Dreo Space HeatersBest space heater for large room

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Dreo Corded Electric Heaters efficiently heat small to medium-sized rooms. It heats 200 sq.ft. each hour with 5118 BTUs.

Minimal Design

The 4.63-pound Dreo Space Heater is portable. This portable heater can heat your bedroom or living room.

Reliable Electricity

Electricity keeps the Dreo Corded Electric Heater warm. Avoid battery and heat output adjustments. Reliable corded electric heater.

Easy Storage

It’s perfect for various rooms and compact. The Dreo room Heater fits in a wardrobe or storage area, keeping your living space neat.

Enhanced Safety

Dreo Corded Electric Heater is safer. Its many safety features reassure people. The Dreo Space Heater prevents overheating and tip-over.

Reliable Choice

High-quality, long-lasting Dreo Corded Electric Heater. High-quality construction and several safety features ensure long-term performance. Dreo Space Heaters deliver reliable heating.

Heating Upgrade Today!

Dreo Corded Electric Heater excels in safety, durability, and performance. Maintain household comfort. Dreo Space Heaters improve heating. Dreo Corded Electric Heater warms, protects, and delights.

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  • Multiple safety features for peace of mind.
  • Perfect for heating small to medium-sized rooms.
  • Can quickly warm up an area of 200 sq.ft.
  • Lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Efficient heat output of 5118 BTUs per hour.

Core feature

Brand Dreo
Color Black
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Heating Method Forced Air & Convection
Product Dimensions 5.9″D x 5.9″W x 15.8″H

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2) GiveBest Space Heater Best space heater for large room

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The GiveBest AC Heater is a powerful, tiny heater. 1500 watts heat 200 sq.ft. fast. This warms the coldest locations.

Portable Heater

The 2.99-pound GiveBest AC Heater is lightweight and portable. It’s portable and comfy. AC power ensures consistent heat.

Easy Storage

6.2″D x 7″W x 9.3″H, the heater fits well. It fits in a closet or shelf, making it an excellent heating solution for folks with limited storage.

Ideal Heating

The GiveBest Space Heater heats quickly and quietly. High-quality and long-lasting warmth.


The GiveBest Space Heater performs and relaxes. Anyone who wants a reliable and long-lasting space heater will love its fast-heating and silent performance. Winterize your home with its warmth and comfort.

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  • Compact and space-saving design.
  • Quick heating for instant warmth.
  • Overheat protection and tip-over switch for safety.
  • Easy to use with simple controls.
  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Core feature

Brand GiveBest
Color Silver
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Power Source AC

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3) PELONIS Space HeaterBest space heater for large room

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The 1500-Watt PELONIS Heater creates cosiness. On cold days and nights, it can cover up to 107 square feet, warming even small rooms. Avoid draughts!

Lightweight, manoeuvrable

Done with heavy heaters? 5.49-pound PELONIS Heater saves. Its mobility keeps you warm anywhere.

High-Performance Features

Innovative characteristics distinguish PELONIS Heater. These parts heat well. Warm up!

Simple Configuration

Heating systems have simplified. PELONIS Heater temperature and fan controls are easy. Comfortably warm up.

Durable Comfort

PELONIS Heaters offer long-term comfort. This device is durable. This reliable heater keeps you toasty for years.

PELONIS Space Heater

The highest-end heater is the PELONIS Space Heater. Its durability, performance, user-friendliness, and tiny size make it an industry leader. No more shivering. Comfortable PELONIS Heater!

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  • Wide-angle oscillation for even heat distribution.
  • Adjustable thermostat for personalized comfort.
  • Automatic shut-off and tip-over switch for safety.
  • Quiet operation for peaceful environment.
  • Sleek and modern design.

Core feature

Special Feature Manual
Color Grey
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Power Source Electric

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4) Lasko Space Heater Best space heater for large room

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Lasko Space Heater’s timer is notable. This handy feature enables you turn off the heating after a predetermined time. This saves energy and avoids safety risks, delivering peace of mind and comfort.

Ceramic Heater Efficiency

Lasko’s ceramic heater keeps you toasty. Ceramic burners provide consistent heat.

Compact for Flexibility

The Lasko Space Heater is taller than the PELONIS, but its 8.3″D x 7.25″W x 22.5″H dimensions fit most spaces. This heater fits in your living area, bedroom, or office.

Extreme Heat

300-square-foot Lasko 1500-Watt Space Heater. It’s ideal for larger rooms because it heats quickly and efficiently, keeping you warm even in cold weather.

Quality Building

Space heaters must last. Lasko Space Heaters are well-made. This heater is built of durable materials and a reliable winter companion.

Any Home

Lasko space heaters heat homes, apartments, and businesses. Its unique features and user-friendly design make it a perfect option for anyone who needs a robust and efficient heater.


Lasko Space Heaters are great. Its energy-saving timer, ceramic heating technology, and powerful heat output keep you warm and comfortable. Its attractive design and compact size make it ideal for any house or business. Lasko Space Heaters are reliable and convenient.

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  • Multiple heat settings for customized comfort.
  • Built-in safety features including overheat protection.
  • Easy to use electronic controls.
  • Compact design for space-saving convenience.
  • Quiet operation for peaceful environment.

Core feature

Brand Lasko
Color Grey/Black
Form Factor Tower
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor

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5) PELONIS PHTPU1501 Space Heater Best space heater for large room

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PELONIS Convection Heaters are powerful and efficient, perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. This 1500-watt heater quickly warms any room, creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

Elegant Efficiency

This heater may be used in any room because it provides great heating performance. Premium design boosts its beauty and functionality. This space heater is built to last using high-quality materials.

Long-Term Investment

The PELONIS PHTPU1501 Space Heater is a great investment for anyone who needs a reliable, long-lasting heating solution. This high-quality heater lasts a lifetime.

The PELONIS PHTPU1501 Space Heater is the best space heater for quality, performance, and durability. Its effectiveness, portability, and elegance will improve your heating experience and make your home cosy. Choose the PELONIS Convection Heater for home heating and see the difference!

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  • 3 heating modes for customized warmth.
  • Advanced safety features, including tip-over switch and overheat protection.
  • Portable and easy to move around.
  • Eco mode for energy-saving operation.
  • Remote control for convenient use.

Core feature

Special Feature Manual
Color White
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Power Source Corded Electric

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6) Dr Infrared Heater Space HeaterBest space heater for large room

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Dr. Infrared Heater’s silent operation distinguishes it. 39 dB makes this heater quiet and comfy.

Thermal Efficiency

Dr. Infrared Heater employs PTC and infrared quartz tube heating. This fusion heats 1000-square-foot rooms fast and evenly. Stop living with cold and uneven heat!

Small and Portable

13 x 12.5 x 17 inches and 19 pounds, the Dr. Infrared Heater is compact. It’s portable, warming every room on cold days.

Heat Transfer

Dr. Infrared Heater radiates and convects heat. Radiant heat instantly warms objects, whereas convective heat circulates warm air throughout the room for energy efficiency and consistent warmth.

Long-Term Investment

Heating systems should be long-lasting. Dr. Infrared Heaters work for years. Its high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies make it a terrific long-term comfort investment.

Most Energy-Efficient

Dr. Infrared Heater is robust and energy-efficient. Despite rising energy prices, this heater warms you. Stay warm and save energy.

Green Option

Dr. Infrared Heater saves energy. It heats homes with less carbon.

All-Season Versatility

Dr. Infrared Heaters are year-round. This versatile heating option works on cool summer nights and chilly autumn days. This year-round friend comforts.

Safety First

Dr. Infrared Heater safety is advanced. Relax and enjoy its warmth with tip-over and overheat protection.


Finally, the Dr. Infrared Heater Space Heater is a great heater. Its tremendous performance, quiet operation, and new heating technologies give unrivalled comfort and efficiency. Buy the Dr. Infrared Heater today for year-round comfort. Relax, happy!

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  • Dual heating system for efficient and effective heating.
  • Digital display with temperature and timer settings.
  • Automatic shut-off for safety.
  • Quiet operation for peaceful environment.
  • Wheels for easy mobility.

Core feature

Product Dimensions 13 x 12.5 x 17 inches
Item Weight 19 pounds
Department Tools
Manufacturer Dr. Heater

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7) Voweek Space HeaterBest space heater for large room

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Voweek’s PTC rapid heating solution is modern and efficient. It can heat 270 sq.ft. with its 8.62″D x 8.26″W x 24.4″H dimensions and 6.78-pound weight.

Powerful Heat for Comfort

The 1500-watt Voweek Space Heater quickly heats any room. It’s cosy on cold days.

Longevity Design

Durable materials make the Voweek Space Heater. Durable heater.

Safety First—Peace of Mind

Voweek Space Heaters prioritise safety. Safety features prevent accidents for worry-free use. Enjoy the warmth safely.

Flexible Home Heating

Voweek Space Heaters heat living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. Its compact size lets you enjoy its warmth throughout the house.

Green Heating

Eco-friendly Voweek Space Heaters work effectively. It reduces energy and carbon emissions.

The Best Heating Companion

The Voweek Space Heater is warm, safe, and long-lasting. Its powerful heating technology and compact design warm any space. The Voweek Space Heater keeps you warm and safe on cold days. Buy the Voweek Space Heater today for optimal home comfort and warmth.

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  • Adjustable temperature settings for personalized comfort.
  • Overheat protection and tip-over switch for safety.
  • Quiet operation for peaceful environment.
  • Compact and space-saving design.
  • Energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Core feature

Brand Voweek
Color Black
Form Factor Tower
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor

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Best space heater for large room 2023 -Complete Buying Guide

Space heaters are highly sought-after commodities right now, as many individuals and families hunker down for the winter season in temperatures that range from mild to brutal. Not all space heaters are made equal, however – some are better equipped than others to tackle larger rooms or provide heat to multiple areas of the house.

To that end, we have compiled this comprehensive buying guide for selecting the best space heater for a large room in 2023. This guide will cover important topics such as safety features, size, fuel sources, energy efficiency ratings and more – so you can make an informed decision about the space heater that best suits your needs.

With this valuable information in hand, you’ll be able to quickly narrow down your search and purchase a top-of-the-line product that you can count on to keep your home comfortable throughout the cold winter months.

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Importance of choosing the right space heater for large rooms

When selecting a space heater for a large room or area, it is absolutely essential to ensure that the device is adequately equipped to meet the requirements of your given space. A space heater with an inadequate wattage or a too-small footprint may fail to provide your large area with the optimal amount of warmth. Additionally, many small space heaters simply cannot properly heat larger areas and may pose an unwanted safety risk due to their lack of power and overheating capabilities, leading to fire hazards.

Hence, choosing the right space heater for large rooms is paramount in order to avoid any potential damage and ensure that the heating requirements of such spaces are fully satisfied. Careful consideration must be given while selecting such products in order to determine which type of model fits best according to one’s specific needs. This guide will help shed light upon important characteristics that must be taken into account when on the lookout for an optimal fit for your particular situation.

Types of space heaters for large rooms

Space heaters are the perfect way to take the chill off a large room in a short amount of time. Safety and energy efficiency should be top considerations when making your choice, and it helps to have an understanding of the different types available. In this section, we will outline the various types of space heaters that are suited to keeping larger rooms comfortable.

Convection Heaters – Convection heaters are designed to quickly fill a room with warm air using natural convection currents. They tend to be quieter than fan-forced models and use less electricity, since they rely on their shape and internal heating element to generate hot air and circulate it around the room.

Radiant Heaters – Carbon and quartz infrared radiant heaters work faster than convection models but can be harsher on monthly electricity bills. Radiant heaters use multiple metal coils or tubes heated with electricity, gas or propane that give off infrared waves which directly warm objects in the room like furniture, curtains and people.

Fan-Forced Heaters – Fan-forced heaters direct hot air into a specific area faster than other electric models due to their powerful fans that disperse warm air rapidly across an area. This type is highly efficient but can be noisy which can make it difficult for those who need quiet while working or studying at home.

Electric heaters

Electric heaters are one of the most popular options when it comes to heating large rooms due to their ease of use and affordability. As energy prices continue to rise, electric heaters are becoming increasingly popular.

When choosing an electric heater for a large room, it is important to consider the size of the room and the wattage rating on the heater. In general, electric heaters with higher wattage will be able to adequately heat larger rooms more quickly. Generally speaking, a minimum wattage rating of 1,500 should be enough to effectively heat a large room; However, depending on ceiling height and insulation within the room this may differ slightly.

When deciding on an electric heater for a large room, it is also important to consider features such as timer settings and different fan speeds or modes (which some models come with). These features can help optimize energy efficiency and provide more control over how the space is heated. Furthermore, certain models may have built in safety features such as automatic shut-off or temperature regulation which can ensure that your space does not become too hot or unsafe in any circumstance.

To provide ultimate comfort within your space, you may consider investing in an adjustable thermostat which will allow you to adjust and control your desired temperature within your environment as you see fit – ideal for large living spaces!

Propane heaters

Propane heaters are a great way to quickly and efficiently heat up a large room when the temperatures drop. You can find portable propane heaters in sizes ranging from 10K BTUs to 360K BTUs, so you can find the right size heater for the job.

There are two types of propane heaters: convection and radiant. Convection prifouonne healers exchange air in the room by circulating warm air throughout, lowering the temperature evenly. Radiant heaters use infrared radiation to emit electromagnetic waves to directly warm objects and surfaces, providing “spot” heating for those other chill spots in your home or office. These heaters generally come with one way or two-way directional heating vents so you have more control of where the warmth goes in your space.

You’ll want to make sure your heater is compliant with all local environmental guidelines concerning indoor air quality and related emissions standards, as well as having proper ventilation systems in place before using your new device. The benefit of propane fuelled appliances over electricity powered devices is they can be quicker at heating up a space as they don’t require electrical current like some electric models do. Additionally, propane fuelled devices tend to be less expensive than their electric counterparts, making them an attractive choice for larger rooms that need quick heating solutions that won’t break your bank account!

Infrared heaters

Infrared heaters are an efficient, quiet and economical way to heat a space. The attractive, modern design of infrared space heaters gives them an edge over other types of heaters. Infrared heating elements produce direct heat, meaning that the radiation is released from the heater and warms directly any surface it comes into contact with. This allows for instant warmth in a large room and eliminates energy wastage by temperature stratification (no hot air rising to the ceiling).

In contrast to other types of electric heater, infrared do not require large amounts of electricity to warm up the air around them before dispersing it in the room – they can instead efficiently emit warmth almost immediately once they’re switched on. Infrared models may be more expensive upfront than other models but the running costs are lower on average due to their efficiency.

Popular brands include Dr Heater, Heatstar and Duraflame infrared space heaters, all available online and in larger home goods stores.

Ceramic heaters

Ceramic heaters are an excellent choice for warming larger spaces given their combination of power and efficiency. These heaters use ceramic plates to generate heat, which is released into the air with a fan. Most ceramic heaters come equipped with a thermostat, which allows the temperature to be set and maintained automatically. Some higher-end models incorporate additional features such as multiple levels of warmth or timer settings.

Ceramic space heaters offer many advantages; they generally provide efficient warmth in a large room, and most models have safety features like automatic shut-off and tip-over protection. On the downside, some models may be slightly noisier than other types of space heaters, like oil-filled radiators. When shopping for a ceramic heater it’s important to consider its wattage rating as this will determine how powerful the unit is in terms of heating capability. Generally speaking, heated air coming from ceramic plates isn’t as warm as it could be when compared to other types of space heater technology.

Features to consider when buying a space heater for large rooms

When shopping for a space heater, it is important to consider how much space you need to heat. Large rooms with high ceilings and wide-open spaces require more powerful heaters that can effectively warm the entire area. Additionally, there are several other features worth exploring before making a purchase.

Safety: This is one of the most important considerations when selecting a space heater for large rooms. Look for antiflame protections, automatic shut-off technologies, and extreme temperature control settings that prevent hazards from arising in an enclosed area.

Power: Large rooms require more energy to be heated efficiently; thus, power – or wattage – is an essential factor to consider when selecting a suitable space heater. With higher wattage, more heat can be generated within less time and vice versa. Try to look at options with a higher output than your room’s size warrants to get the desired temperature in the shortest amount of time and maximum efficiency.

Heat Settings: Some models offer multiple heat settings that allow you to choose different levels of warmth according to what suits your needs best at any given moment. If this feature interests you, look for digital or infrared models with adjustable thermostats or cool touch outer casings––convenient features that create safer environments if children or pets may be present during heating times.

Additional Considerations: Consider other add-ons such as low noise operation capabilities, advanced fan speeds and oscillations for even warmth distribution around the room, fingertip controls for easy adjustments no matter where you stand, light indicators that monitor power use, large display screens for changing temperatures easily––all these specs should help you find the best product for your needs budget and expectations accordingly.

Heating capacity and coverage area

When determining the heating capacity and coverage area for a large room, it is important to consider several variables such as the size of the room and the climate of your location. Heating capacity is usually indicated in British Thermal Units (BTUs). Most modern space heaters will indicate the square footage they are capable of heating. Generally speaking, you will need 10 BTUs per square foot when it comes to large rooms such as attics or basements with the proper insulation. To determine how much heating capacity you need in a space heater for a large room, use this equation: Number of square feet x 10 = Total BTUs required by your heater.

It’s also important to consider any obstructions in your room that can affect airflow and circulation. When choosing a heater for larger spaces, be sure to purchase one with adjustable settings so you can regulate the temperature according to your needs. This is particularly useful during cold winter nights or when entertaining guests in larger spaces that may require more warmth than normal. Also be sure that your space heater meets safety standards and has designated areas free from dust particles or any other combustible materials.

Energy efficiency

Deciding on a space heater that is reliable and cost effective requires consumers to look carefully at the energy efficiency ratings of each heater they are considering. The higher the rating, the more efficiently it will use electricity and cost less to keep a space warm.

In 2023, most manufacturers of space heaters have adopted energy efficiency ratings for their products in compliance with the U.S. Department of Energy’s new standards set forth in 2023. Space heaters with higher labels are generally more efficient and will save on heating costs up front, but there are also other factors that need to be taken into consideration when selecting which space heater is best for you.

When evaluating energy efficiency ratings, pay attention to the following labels:

  • AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency): This rating lets you compare how much fuel your space heater uses compared to other units on the market per BTU produced. The higher this number is, the more efficient your unit is compared to others of similar size and type.
  • HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor): This rating measures how effectively your appliance heats over an entire season by taking into account how long it takes for a heater to reach its maximum temperature as well as how much hot air it can produce in an hour’s time during cold weather months. Look for models with a HSPF score between 8-10 for optimal efficiency performance when running during winter months.
  • EnergyStar Certification: An EnergyStar certification means your unit meets strict requirements set forth by governmental organizations for lower frequency electricity usage and maximum energy savings over time.

Safety features

Before making a selection for your specific needs, it essential to check the safety features of the heater and how the different models measure up when it comes to ease of use.

All electrical heaters must have a built in cut-off switch that turns off the heater when it tips over and/or overheats, always keep an eye out for this feature first and foremost.

Other safety measures you may want to consider includes temperature controls so that you can adjust the settings according to your comfort level while also reducing accidental burning. As well as cords and plugs that are constructed with flame retardant material to prevent fires or electric shocks.

It is also advisable that heater should have automatic shut off feature if the codes become too hot, so as not cause any harm should you forget to switch it off on your way out of home/room.

Finally, make sure excess moisture does not build up by operating only after consulting user manual on areas that are well ventilated where you intend to place your heater.

Thermostat and temperature control

Having a thermostat enables you to set and maintain the desired temperature in your room. It will also turn the heater off when it reaches the right temperature, helping you save energy and money. You should look for a good thermostat that is easy to use, is relatively accurate at keeping your desired temperature, and has various settings for different seasons.

Heaters with adjustable thermostats typically have 3 levels of temperature control – low, medium, and high – which allow you to adjust the heat output from the heater more easily. Your best bet would be to opt for a digital thermostat that allows you to adjust temperature precisely (in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit). It should also be of responsive design as otherwise it might take some time before the heater warms up or cools down. Lastly, go for one with a timer option — so if required, you can set hours during which the heater will stay on or off while ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-saving solutions.

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At the end of the day, choosing the best space heater for your large room will depend on a variety of factors. You’ll want to take into account things like your budget, how efficient you’d like your heater to be, and which features are most important to you. Of course, safety is always a top priority when shopping for any electric appliance.

Hopefully this guide has helped you narrow down your choices and make an informed decision when selecting the best space heater for your large room in 2023.


What kind of space heater is best for large room?

A space heater with a high wattage rating, such as a ceramic or oil-filled radiator heater, is typically best for heating large rooms.

What is the best way to heat a large room?

The best way to heat a large room is to use a space heater with a high wattage rating, along with proper insulation and draft-proofing to maximize heat retention.

What size of heater do I need for a large room?

The size of heater you need for a large room depends on the room’s square footage, insulation, and ceiling height. As a general rule, a heater with a wattage rating of 10 watts per square foot of room space is recommended.

What is the best heater to heat a room?

The best heater to heat a room depends on various factors such as room size, insulation, and personal preferences. However, some popular options include ceramic heaters, oil-filled heaters, and infrared heaters.

Which heater brand is best?

There is no one “best” heater brand, as different brands offer different features, designs, and price points. Some popular brands include Dyson, Lasko, Honeywell, and De’Longhi.

Which is the safest room heater?

A heater with safety features such as overheat protection, tip-over switch, and cool-to-touch exteriors is typically considered the safest room heater. Ceramic and oil-filled heaters are generally safer options.

Which room heater is best for winter?

For winter, heaters with higher wattage ratings and features such as oscillation and thermostat control are generally recommended. Ceramic and oil-filled heaters are also popular choices.

Which room heater is best for health?

For health reasons, heaters with air purifying features, such as HEPA filters, are recommended. Infrared heaters are also popular for their ability to provide heat without drying out the air.

What is the healthiest heater?

The healthiest heater depends on personal preferences and needs. Heaters with air purifying features and those that do not emit harmful fumes or particles, such as infrared heaters, are generally considered healthier options.

Which room heater consumes less electricity?

Electric heaters with lower wattage ratings typically consume less electricity. For example, a 500-watt heater will consume less electricity than a 1500-watt heater. Infrared heaters and radiant heaters are also known to be more energy-efficient than other types of heaters. It is important to note that while a heater with lower wattage will consume less electricity, it may not be as effective in heating a large room or space. It’s best to find a balance between energy efficiency and heating power for your specific needs.

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